State Government Relations

Kemper Consulting represents public and private corporations, large trade associations, and governmental entities before state governmental agencies and the Virginia legislature. The firm provides a variety of services in this regard including direct advocacy, issue management, relationship development, and strategic counsel on major legislative initiatives. In addition, the firm has a major state budget practice spanning across a number of specific subject matter areas.

Local Government Relations & Community Relations

Kemper Consulting is often called upon to assist with local government relations as well as community relations involving advocacy to key constituencies such as business leaders, non-governmental organizations, and grassroots entities. The firm has a particular focus in the Hampton Roads region, as the firm has long maintained the most significant regional presence in this area of any major lobbying firm.

Government Procurement/Public-Private Partnerships

Kemper Consulting also maintains a significant government procurement practice. The firm has consistently assisted private sector partners in securing major procurement awards at the local and state level. In addition, the firm has a very active practice involving public-private partnerships, with a particular emphasis on transportation infrastructure.

Specialized Consulting

Kemper Consulting provides specialized consulting regarding certificate of public need applications for health care facilities. In addition, the firm is often called on to assist in the political aspects of strategic business initiatives, real estate development, crisis management, and regulatory disputes.
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