Ross Grogg Selected to Sorensen’s Political Leaders Program

Charlottesville, VA – Kemper Consulting is pleased to announce that Ross Grogg, Government Relations Manager, has been selected to participate in the Sorensen Institute’s Political Leaders Program (PLP). The PLP is Sorensen’s ten-month flagship leadership development program for residents of Virginia who work with or in government or politics and are interested in becoming more active in public service and public policy, whether as community leaders or as elected or appointed officials in the executive or legislative branches. Founded in 1993, Sorensen’s mission is to bring together diverse individuals with a passion for politics and public service. All have a wide variety of viewpoints and backgrounds but want to work together for the common good.

The Political Leaders Program curriculum is focused on three core subject areas:

– Ethics in Public Service: The program includes study of general ethical principles as they relate to public service. The practical application of bipartisan cooperation in public policy formation is a central theme of the program.
– Public Policy: Participants engage in presentations and discussions of a variety of public policy issues facing state and local governments.
Policy Advocacy Skills: The program involves debates and exercises in creating and defending public policy initiatives.

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