Kemper Consulting Named Top Small Lobbying Firm in Virginia

RICHMOND, VA (October 8, 2015) —Southern Political Report Magazine (SPR) has named Kemper Consulting the number one small lobbying firm in Virginia. The SPR rankings are divided into two categories for each state: large law firms and small lobbying firms.

John-Garrett Kemper, Vice-President and Counsel, Kemper Consulting, said, “It is a privilege to be named among the top lobbying firms in the South. This honor is a credit to the hard work and ethics of the entire Kemper Consulting team in both of our Virginia offices.”

Phil Kent, SPR Publisher, said, “Rating top government affairs firms and lobbyists in order of distinction is a thorny enterprise. But The Southern Political Report believes it is a service to our readers to attempt to rank the top government affairs firms and lobbyists who labor diligently in the legislative vineyards. After all, these men and woman shape public policy all over the South. That’s why we regularly talk to various movers-and-shakers in 13 Southern states ‘in the know.’ Some are accomplished lobbyists themselves, or they are the clients big and small that they serve. They know who the best are and, with this issue, now you will know who they are!”

Kemper Consulting is a full service government relations firm with offices in Hampton Roads and Richmond. Kemper Consulting provides government relations services to Fortune 500 companies, private corporations, large trade associations, and local governments.

SPR is a leading political magazine based in Atlanta, GA that compiles lobbyist rankings in all southern states and featured the current rankings in their Summer 2015 issue.