2014 Mid-Session Senate Power Change

As you are aware, two vacant Virginia Senate seats have now been filled by Democrats. The elections were necessary to replace the seats vacated by the new Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General – both of whom are Democrats.  The results leave an evenly split chamber (20 Democrats and 20 Republicans) but with a Democratic Lieutenant Governor.  Prior to the statewide election, a Republican Lieutenant Governor presided.  In Virginia, the Lieutenant Governor breaks voting ties on specific bills (not revenue measures).  Therefore, the Democrats control the chamber.

With the two new members sworn in, the Senate Democrats today amended the chamber’s rules to take operational control.  They elected a new President Pro Tempore and made a number of changes to the standing committees.

While details on subcommittees are still not finalized, we did want to share with you the changes made to the standing committees.  This document shows the Senators who will remain on particular committees, those who will be added, and those who were removed.